Pet Shop Contest & a New Blog

Preparations for my show Pet Shop are fully underway. The paintings are piling up and yet there is still so much I want to do!
In conjunction with this show I’ve taken a good hard look at my art and where I want to go and I’ve finally decided to let my little brand name of Rekoj go. I no longer have any interest in doing the hand painted textiles that I had been. In fact, I haven’t touched anything to do with my Rekoj Clothing line in nearly 2 years. It is far from time. Sometimes, moving fully on to the next step is exactly what needs to be done.
Since my blog has been directly connected to my shop name I feel it is necessary to switch over to a new
Please update your feeds & bookmarks to here:
I will continue to post here for a little while to *hopefully* allow everyone a chance to catch up and update their feeds & bookmarks etc. I’d hate to loose anyone in the shuffle which is probably why I’ve waited so long to do this! But I’ve committed to it by having the new address printed on my new biz cards so there you have it!
And as an incentive to get you to hop on over to my new diggs I have just posted a CONTEST as my first official Saemay post.