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noldbigThere are many home improvement projects you can do around the home.  The thing about home improvement is that some projects can be very costly whereas some projects can be as cheap as buying paint only.  Since paint comes in different colors and types, it is actually very versatile as it can be used on a variety of home improvement projects or you can hire professional calgary painting companies.  If you want to do some remodeling around the home, paint can be used in order to freshen or totally change the way they look.  Here are some simple DIY home improvement projects you can do with paint.

  1. Wood Trims – if you want to transform how your home looks without having to paint every wall inside it, try painting the wooden trims of your home in a different color. Normally, the trims are either white or in a brownish color.  Try doing the opposite color and the overall ambiance of your home will definitely be transformed.  Use this on your doors, windows, baseboards, cornice, and other wood trimmings.
  2. Old Furniture – instead of shopping for new furniture, try repainting some of the old furniture that you love or are fond of. Use either the original color of the furniture or experiment using other colors.  You will be surprised just how appealing they become again once you revive and restore them with paint.
  3. Door Knobs – whether your door knob still looks new, looks old, or simply because you are tired of it, try spray painting it using regular spray paints. First off, if the surface of the door know is polished, try roughening it with sandpaper so that the paint adheres to the surface much better.  Once sanded down, spray paint it using your preferred color.  You can even spray paint it flat black if you want.
  4. Grouts – if the grout in your kitchen or bathroom are looking worn and dirty and that cleaning them takes up a lot of time and effort. Try using paint using the original color of the grout.  Simply dip a toothbrush that is no longer in use onto paint and start painting the grout.  This will result in much cleaner and fresher looking grout that enhances the design of your tiles.
  5. Fixtures – similar to door knobs, you can spray paint some of the fixtures that you have around the home. Spray painting them in a different color will make them look new to your eyes and thus give you a sense of satisfaction.

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